THIENDUC AQUARIUM was established in 2002 in Cu Chi - HCM city, is facility specializing in manufacturing and exporting freshwater ornamental fish. Foreseeing the needs of the market, we concentrate on the development of production of freshwater fish, satellite systems built nationwide along with the best quality in preparation for export.

The strengths of our products include wild fish, have been caught in the wild and domesticated countries : Vietnam, Laos, Campodia, China, Thailand. Along with the system of natural fish widespread, we always bring new products to market. For marine fish, we always work with the best farms and have many beautiful fish are caught, taming and offers.

Core member

For fish farming, we are always interested in the development of various new genera and species and develop culture systems ensure goods with number and quality and the best service for you. With a team of workers passion and experience, we have featured in the list of products.

Farm Scale:

Our Aquarium farm is about 15.000 m2 large and divided into 2 mail area:

  • Area 1: The area is about 5,000 m2. This is for seeders, storehouse, office and packing area. Total small glass aquariums in variety of more than 10,000 items, fish-breeding aquariums are about 1,000; concrete aquariums and canvas aquariums are around 400.
  • Area 2 with 10,000 m2. This area is for breeding and producing seeders, which are raised in fishing-nets and ponds.


Our team

Total staff are 25 people who continuous work to provide products to customers onshore and offshore. Staff working at Farm are young enthusiastic people who love their job so much that they will make breakthout develepment for the company in the future.


Products of ThienDuc Aquarium have been exported to many countries in the world such as U.S.A, France, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, China and so on.


With motto: “You’re happy, We’re happy”

With your support and confidence in our company, ThienDuc Aquarium will incessantly make efforts to introduce to our customers the most beautiful, qualified and latest products.

Last but not least, ThienDuc Aquarium would like to wish heath, luck and success for valued customers and partners.

Company profile:

  • For exportation.
  • Exporter of live ornamental fish. Discus, Barb, Cichlid, Molly, Gouramy , Guppy, Platies, swordtail.
  • Danioi, betta, Angel, Tetra, corydoras, especially wild caught such sucker, shrimp, crab, snails.
  • Rabosa, catfish, glass catfish, puffer, clams, soft coral, clams and anemone.
  • Bonsai tree, driftwood.
  • For importation.
  • To be your company new agent in Vietnam.
  • We are looking for importing more kind of fish, aquarium tank, lams, pums, food, treatment, medicine, color food.
  • We are wholesaler with more than 100 partners in the countryside.