Our country stretches as S form, one side is mountainous and another is coastal. There are a lots of wild rare species here which should be researched and preserved. Through many years to explore and found wild species, we are sure to introduce to valued customers new species which have not seen before. We would like to exchange these new species to you to gradually raise, care and arouse your interest.

Sewellia lineolata
Sewellia Lineolata
Sewellia lineolata
Beaufortia Leveretti
Sewellia Breviventralis
Sewellia Diardi
Sewellia marmorata
Sewellia marmorata
Sewellia Breviventralis
Loach Bander Red Tail
Buntius buntius
Red Goby
Leopard Loach
Acantopsis choirorhynchus
Alger easter Vietnamese
Wild caught fish
Chanda anga
Datnioides microlepis real
Dermogenys pusillus
Female redeyepuffer lg
Garra hughi
Puffer 8
green puffer
Glass cat fish
Kuli loach
Lepidocephalithys thermalis
Loach kuli golden
Loach red
Wild caught fish
Loach Zig Zag
Macropodus concolor sp
Male redeyepuffer lg
Periophthalmus sp Vietnam
Archer fish
Snack head
Green cat
Loach kuli golden
Tanichthys micagemmae
Trichopsi schalleri
Crossocheilus Siamensis