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Is playing aquarium fish expensive? Is this hobby only for people with money?

Wednesday, 22/06/2022


If you are looking to play aquarium fish, play aquatic fish but wonder if the cost is too big or not? Does your financial condition meet or not? Please take a few minutes to read the following article. Thien Duc ornamental fish will help you understand the best way about economic issues in playing aquarium fish.

Wondering if raising aquarium fish is expensive?

Many people think that keeping aquarium fish is very expensive, and usually only the wealthy can afford to keep aquarium fish. However, this is not entirely true. Because in fact, many of Thien Duc's young customers are just students and middle-class workers who can also invest in an aquatic ecosystem of their own. The important thing that you need to grasp is to have a long-term to specific plan.

What is the essential thing to consider when raising ornamental fish?
Choose the size of the aquarium you want from the start

Sure, the first aquarium farming will require you to have an aquarium, water filtration system, one or more fish, food, etc. These are all very flexible costs. Because you can find them for prices from a few dozen, a few hundred, to a few million,... depending on your financial condition you can choose accordingly. However, our advice That is if you want a big fish tank, you should invest in a big fish tank from the beginning. Other creatures in the lake or trees, background, etc. you can completely add later. We should minimize the need to replace in the near future.

Choose the type of fish and the style you want
There are many styles of playing aquarium fish today. But imagine that they usually just follow a certain "gout". Therefore, you can also define the style template you want, so that you can list the types, quantities, species that you need in the future. However, you should also note that not all fish can live together. They have a number of different characteristics between the most suitable environment, water hardness, different water layers, etc. So to be sure, you can make friends Zalo with Thien Duc Canh Tinh via Zalo. Hotline number: Hotline: 0903912501 (Zalo Mr.Huu Thien) - Contact Zalo Official Account: Ca Canh Thien Duc   for advice, helping you better identify the above things.

Get advice from someone with expertise and experience

Above all, you need a person with long experience playing, mastering the expertise to be able to support you in the best way. Including advice on how to play in the beginning, to the occurrence of problems that may arise in the future. This reference can help you avoid waste, or risk as little as possible.

Choose a reputable and high-quality aquarium fish seller

Choosing to buy good quality aquarium fish, which are raised and tamed in a methodical way can help you limit the risks that may happen to your fish. Moreover, you can avoid having to buy again and again in the future, thereby helping you to optimize costs more in the long run.

Currently, Thien Duc ornamental fish has a wide variety of ornamental fish models that are HOT in the market, including from Vietnamese to foreign fish breeds. Helping you have a diverse and rich choice, it can help you ensure the safety and health of the fish you are about to bring home. In addition, Thien Duc aquarium is a fish farm with an area of ​​more than 25,000m2. So you can buy directly to get the best price. Thien Duc's care and consulting team is experienced, has love and sincerity for the fish, ready to advise and support you anytime you need.

Raising ornamental fish is expensive or not is one of the questions that many people care about. But we can summarize it according to the budget you want to invest. You absolutely can own a beautiful aquarium with a cost of only a few hundred, to several million, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. All can be flexible, not fixed. And this game is inherently for everyone with the same passion, hobby, ... not only for those with good economic conditions as many people think.

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