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Business conditions


Prices and stocklist

All prices are in USD, FOB/ Ho Chi Minh.

colum „packing“ in our stocklist means quantity of fish in a box,

column „available“ means, how many bags is in our stock in that time.

If cell in column „available“ is empty, the fish is not available.

Packing charge

- Price for packing is 7,00- $ per box with nomal fish.

- Veterinary health certificate. 30,00 USD per shipment,

- Another charge docs 70,00- $ per shipment.

- CO is 30.00 USD per shipment.

- Cites for solf coral is 1.50 USD per pcs – 3 week apply.

- Packing coral : 9.00 USD / box

- Tranpost free : 100.00 USD / ship

- Clams is 3.00 USD per pcs


We ask by the first shipments payment in advance.


We packed 4 bags or 8 bags are in a box, you can order by bags.

Weight of a box:

17-19 kg with usual fish.

20-25- kg for discus if double box

Minimal order is +100kg, about 4 boxes


Freight Charges are based on te actual charges from the airline and freight forwarder which we shall not consider this charge as our profit.

We can use the airlines from SGN as VN, EK, CX, CI, SQ,  SU, KE...

Order and deliver

From 7-10 days from the date of receipt your confirm order with advance T.T . Subjuct to available of space in the flight. Every effort will be made to ship by the first flight.

7-10  days from the date of receipt your firm order 

Separate boxes of freshwater and marine.


Report of shipment arrival

All the fish are well condition with quarantined in our tanks before packing.

If any DOA – you have 48 hours from the time of arrival to send to us your DOA with pictures if you have big of fish dead arrival.

It will be deduct from your invoices and We will send to you summary with TOTAL

for payment. Then we expect the payment – it is not valid for the first three shipments, when payment would be in advance.

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