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(CONNECTING EVENT FOR EXPANDING AND DEVELOPING THE FISH industry) Program "The 18th Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition of Seeds and Hi-tech Agriculture in 2022" (August 17 - 20, 2022)

Tuấn Anh IT
Thursday, 08/09/2022

On August 17, 2022, Thien Duc Aquarium is pleased to welcome a delegation of agricultural officials from Hanoi who took the time to visit the farm and give suggestions on valuable connections for business development. . With the background as a base to transfer production and export ornamental fish imported to many countries around the world, Thien Duc has grown as strong as it is today in addition to its efforts to learn and learn new aquatic technologies. also received a lot of help from state officials and scientists who created favorable conditions for development.

The participation of the delegation from Hanoi consisted of 15 people with the cooperation of the agricultural extension center and the branch of protection of aquatic resources of Ho Chi Minh City. The leader of the Hanoi delegation was led by Mr. Ta Van Tuong - Associate Professor of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hanoi City.

Some photos of the delegation visiting production and export activities. Mr. Le Huu Thien, General Director of Thien Duc Aquarium Joint Stock Company, introduced how to breed some types of ornamental fish and the process of preserving and packing for export.

The above meeting took place as a link between Thien Duc Aquarium and agricultural officials to orient the appropriate path as well as to spread the spirit of support and deep concern from the government. This will be a great motivation for Thien Duc to constantly try, contribute more efforts, bring the best and safest fish varieties to people and trade with many countries around the world.

Thien Duc Fish Farm sincerely thanks!

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