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Rare ornamental crabs in Viet Nam - Thien Duc Aquarium

Thiên Đức Aqua
Wednesday, 08/02/2023

Vietnamese red crabs live in freshwater. They exist in holes at a depth of 1m to 2m in a mountainous area of northern Vietnam. It is semi-terrestrial and measures 7-12cm including feet. color is full red and quantity is very small.

Crab is seasonal and is usually caught in winter less than in summer. Crabs are omnivores on carcasses and can live together. When packing, only 1 crab / 1 bottle can be packed and can be transported for 60-80 hours, still ensuring quality.

This type of crab is quite large in size and the color is beautiful compared to the many different types of crabs available in the Vietnamese market. We are a unit that regularly declares and finds unique and strange products such as shrimp, snail, crab, fish from the S-shaped land. There will be many new types updated regularly.

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