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Talk show about turning ornamental fish into a key product in the economy

Tuấn Anh IT
Sunday, 25/09/2022

Pleasure to appear on the last Agriculture TV Newsletter, Director of Thien Duc Bonsai Joint Stock Company - Le Huu Thien had an in-depth discussion about the ornamental fish farming industry with Mr. Pham.
Lam Chinh Van, director of the Agricultural Extension Center of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

It is known that the hobby of aquarium fish is growing, contributing to the spiritual life of the people, helping to improve the quality of life. Not only raising ornamental fish is a hobby, but behind this model, it has contributed to promoting the life and development of urban agriculture in Ho Chi Minh City.

Not only that, with the ambition to turn ornamental fish into a key product and export to foreign countries, many business models of ornamental fish farming have expanded their scale more than before. In this intimate discussion and exchange, let's find out the answer together to bring the aquarium fish in Ho Chi Minh City far and develop further!


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