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Thienduc Aquarium: Leading Aquarium Fish Exporter in Vietnam

Tuấn Anh IT
Wednesday, 17/01/2024

In the vibrant realm of aquarium fish, Thienduc Aquarium stands out as Vietnam's foremost exporter. With an extensive range of species and a commitment to quality, we take pride in being a leading name in the global aquarium fish market.

Discover Our Fish Selection

At Thienduc Aquarium, we specialize in exporting various captivating fish species, each contributing to the beauty of aquariums worldwide. Among our key exports are:

  1. Discus Fish: Known for their vibrant colors and distinctive patterns, discus fish add an enchanting touch to any aquarium.
  2. Neon Tetras: These small, brightly colored fish are popular for their schooling behavior, making them a delightful addition to community tanks.
  3. Gouramis: With their unique personalities and striking colors, gouramis are a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts.
  4. Glass Catfish: Transparent and graceful, glass catfish create an ethereal atmosphere in aquariums.
  5. Betta Fish : Betta fish, also known as phoenix fish, are prized for their vibrant hues and elaborate fin displays.
  6. Celestial Pearl Danios: These small, peaceful fish with celestial patterns are perfect for adding charm to planted aquariums.

Explore our extensive catalog to find the perfect addition to your aquarium.

Quality Assurance and Export Capability

At Thienduc Aquarium, we prioritize the health and quality of our fish. Our stringent breeding and quarantine processes ensure that only the finest specimens are exported. We take pride in our:

  • Quality Fish: Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in fish health and appearance.
  • Export Expertise: With years of experience, we have perfected the art of exporting aquarium fish globally, ensuring safe and reliable deliveries.


As the largest exporter of aquarium fish in Vietnam, Thienduc Aquarium invites you to delve into a world of beauty and diversity. Explore our collection, discover the perfect fish for your aquarium, and trust in our commitment to delivering excellence. With Thienduc Aquarium, your passion for aquariums is in good hands.

For more information and to explore our extensive selection, visit Thienduc Aquarium's website.

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