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Blue Rainbow Gourami Pair

Vendor: THIENDUC   |   SKU:B95701
Status: Available bag : 10010
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    Direct from the farm
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    Health fish & quarantine
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    Best quality
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Product Description


Packing Standar
Code Size 0.5 bag 1 bag Full box( 4 bag)
B95700 3cm 75 150 600
B95701 4cm 50 100 400
B95702 XL 40 80 320


Gouramis are a group of freshwater anabantiform fishes that comprise the family Osphronemidae. Gouramis are native to Asia.


Most Gouramis require a tank with a minimum of 75 to 113 litter of water. Larger species of gourami required a tank of 208 liters of water.

Water conditions:

Gouramis from ThienDuc Aquarium accommodates well to tap water, after chlorine treatment.

Range of pH: 6.5 – 8.0

Water temperature: 26˚C – 28˚C


Gouramis will eat either frozen or live foods. They can be fed one or twice per day, feed them small portions which they are able to consume within 3 minutes. Do not overfeed or leave food leftover in the tank, as it causes ammonia and nitrite and becomes toxic.


Generally, gouramis are known to be peaceful, but sometimes they can be aggressive depending on the types of fish. The ideal ratio should be 1 male 2 females in a tank. They can be housed in the community tank, but avoid mixing them with other fish that is faster like barbs, or has long fins like angelfish, betta, or guppies since it can contribute to their aggressiveness.


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